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Spotify is a Swedish music streaming app with a vast collection of music. On, October 7, 2008, Spotify got launched. Nowadays, Spotify is one of the most popular online music streaming platform. In this article, we will let you know about the Spotify music app and its pro features. We will also introduce you with a modified version of this app. You can also download Spotify mod apk from our site to enjoy Spotify premium features.

Other than developers, it is not easy to modify an app for personal use. No all of us agree to buy a pro membership for the app. Here, You will find a solution to your problem. You can also enjoy it for free. Keep reading the article, know about Spotify in details.

You will find verified info about Spotify. All the popular features of Spotify free app has been discussed. We also included features of premium membership. It will help you to analyse it before you buy it. We also included features of the modified version of Spotify.

About the App

NameSpotify Premium
Size29.8 MB
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Last Updated28th May 2020

Features Of Spotify

Spotify free version can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Spotify provide features to enjoy musics on spotify for free. Here are some limited features listed below.

Discover New Musics, Albums, and Podcasts

Spotify is a world class streaming platform which has huge base of music, albums, and podcasts. You can stream any of them any time. Only internet connection and spotify app is required to listen to music. There is no need to download the music.

Album of Spotify

The music base of Spotify gets updated daily. It becomes easier to find the latest music. Further, it becomes easy to listen. For instance, a new song has been released on YouTube. You liked the song very much. On the same case, you want to listen to it frequently. It would be harder to listen repeatedly by opening a tab for YouTube. YouTube does not provide picture-in-picture mode for free users. It becomes compulsory to download the music on your phone to listen to it again and again. But Spotify allows you to listen to it without downloading it on your local storage.

Search for your Favourite song

Browse feature is essential for all the large platform. It saves a lot of time to find out a specific one. Every huge platform has a searching feature. Still, they are working on it to improve it into a better one. As you know, Google is a huge search giant. But it even does not stop growing the feature. It keeps on updating their algorithm to match proper search according to users’ requirement.

Similarly, Spotify has a searching feature to find out the specific music according to user’s requirement. Users can search for a song, album, artists, and much more. For example, you like the music of Arijit Singh very much. Spotify also provides you to play only songs of Arijit Singh. On searching any song of the singer, you will get an album, or artists with the respective singer. You can click on the same to listen to singers. Search makes it easy to navigate you throughout the large size of the platform.

Automated Playlist

As you know, playlist is the collection of music in a list. Do you remember the making of playlist in the local storage on your phone? In the same way, Spotify has several playlist to provide you unlimited joy of music. There is no need to find out specific music and play it. Spotify has feature to play it for you.

Several playlists are designed according to the user’s mode. You will need not to pay a single penny for enjoying the playlist. Moreover, you can also contribute your playlist to Spotify. Others can play your own made playlists. Thereby, Spotify increases the number of the playlist in their platform. Suppose you do not want to make the playlists available to others. It can be done using playlists setting. Spotify supports complete customization of playlists. Your help in the app resource developement will make the site more efficient.

Music on any mode and activity

Most of us like to listen to music during working, playing games and much more. Spotify has enormous collections of music which would match with your work category. It will help you boost up the performance of work. Music keeps your mind fresh focused. Suppose you are just jogging, music will help you remain focused and encourage you to jog more.

Spotify Mode based category

As you can see in the above snapshot, different types of modes are included. You can choose them and play them. Suppose, you are sad. On that situation, “Sad Beats” will help you to get up.

Location and Language Based Music

Spotify has music in different categories. One of them is a category based on the music language. Everyone wants to listen to music on the languages which they understand. Further, those who are learning a new language would love to listen to music to their respective languages. It improves the power to understand the language in a more significant way. Spotify has collections on most of the language in the world.

Location based music is also available in Spotify. It is easy to find out the music your regional music using the location feature. Spotify Intelligence service also suggest to choose the music from your own area.

Features Of Spotify Premium

Several features are not accessible on the Free version of Spotify. A subscription should be selected to enjoy premium features of Spotify.All the premium features are listed below. Please have a look at them, and It will help to know about Spotify premium membership features in a better way.

The Power of Spotify Premium

The Plan has been given in the table below. It is the chart of price* for Spotify premium on official site.

1 DayRs. 13
7 DaysRs. 39
1 MonthsRs. 129
3 monthsRs. 389
6 MonthsRs. 719
1 YearRs. 1189

*Actual price may vary with the table given above. It is the data as on 21st June 2020. Kindly check official site.

Enjoy Unlimited songs

Spotify Premium account has access to every music on the Spotify platform. Spotify Premium users have more access in comparison to Spotify free users. There is no limit on the playing of music. However, Spotify has also unlimited music. But Spotify free users need to listen to repeated music after several pieces of music. In the case of a Premium user, it is a rare condition that the played music get repeated.

You can term both of unlimited music differently. If you want to enjoy just some music, a free account is enough. But when you want to enjoy other all types of music on the go. You need to select a premium plan. Although the premium plan has other features too, we will discuss it under different sub-header of this section.

Offline Music

Do you want to enjoy music without an internet connection? Spotify premium is one of the best solutions for you. Spotify premium allows you to download the music at first. Further, you can play music without any internet connection at any time. Free users can’t download music for offline playback. It is a crucial feature of Spotify Premium.

Suppose your area is not suitable for online playback of the music. The downloading of music would help you a lot. You can still enjoy unlimited songs without an internet connection.

Ads-free Interface

The most annoying thing of the spotify is the advertisement. However, Spotify Premium has no ads. the aim behind the ads is to earn revenue for the company. Here, Spotify earning revenue from free users as well as from the premium users. Premium users paying the amount directly for the plan. But Spotify earning the revenue from the free users indirectly, it might be from ads.

Simple and legal solution to get rid of these types of ads it to use Spotify Premium. It will provide you several feature. Moreover, they will now show any ads on the interface.

Pure High Quality Music

Spotify free users has access to only two of the music quality. They are, low and medium quality music. But Premium user can access to crystalyne music quality. It a type of high quality of music. You need to ensure that you are using high speed internet. It is important to have premium plan on your phone. On satisfying these two conditions, you can enjoy the premium quality music.

Every beats are clear and relaxing for your mind. It seems coming from actual musical instrument. Premium users can also download High Quality music easily using Spotify Premium.

Access to All Playlists

As you know playlists help you to enjoy endless songs easily. It does not need to search and play any music. You would play music according to your mood. Premium users has access to the premium playlists. All the premium playlists are manually created by experts.

It is another type of enjoyment to use any premium playlists. But it is restricted for the free spotify users. Upgrading to premium will offer this type of feature.

Cancel Anytime

are you getting bored with the Spotify premium? It facilitates the users to cancel the subscription easily. It will not charge anything more after cancelling the plan.

Features Of Mod version

Here is the solution for them who cannot effort to pay for a premium membership. The mod section is also for them who want to test the features of premium membership for free. A few features are still unavailable on the modified version of Spotify premium. But We have covered most of the features. You can read every features our mod provides to users.

High Quality Music

High Quality music is also available in Spotify Mod apk file. It is a file developed by other developers. they edits the codes and makes every unavailable features accessible. As you know, Only high quality musics are available in Spotify Premium app. But If you want to enjoy it for free. You would need to install Spotify mod apk file on your phone.

However, you can’t download music for offline enjoyment. If you want to download music, it can be done from other 3rd party sites. But you would need to download every music by searching for it manually. It is possible to enjoy 320kbps music, which is also termed as High-Quality music. Medium and low-quality music are also available.

Enlarge Search

You might not know, the searching feature in free user is not so capable as a premium search. It can help you to find out any music specifically. Premium search will also enable to find out other entities like playlists, artists and much more.

Premium Features

You can still enjoy all the premium features for free by downloading the file Spotify mod apk. You can enjoy premium feature like, playlists by experts, and different other features which were given in the Premium section of this article.

Download link of the Spotify mod

In AshuCyber, you can get a direct link to download the apk file easily. There is no link shortener added to this link. You will be redirected to the OneDrive’s page to download the file. Just click on the download button to get the file on your mobile phone.

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Spotify PremiumΒ v8.5.71.723 (Latest Version)

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