SD Maid v5.0.1 (Latest Version)

SD Maid Pro apk is another version of the official app, with the premium subscription. Official SD maid pro asks for the key, this version does not need any key. In this article I’ve completely, discussed the SD maid app, why is it important for every type of users, and what are features does it provide to their users.

What is it?

SD maid is an android app that deals with the cache, temporary and unnecessary log files and folders. Generally, Uninstalling any app does not mean you are removing everything of the app from your device. Still, it leaves some unnecessary files behind, such as cache files, temporary log files, and crash reports.

These are no longer useful for general users. Moreover, everyone is no perfect in technology, so deleting files and folders of the system without knowing about them would be a bad consequence. Therefore, the SD maid app is made; it is designed and developed for every type of user to deal with such types of issues.

Why should you use SD Maid pro?

You may have experienced the performance of the new phone. But when the device gets old, its performance, memory speed, battery backup decrease gradually. It is because it requires maintenance regularly. If you do not clean the phone, you will face several problems like lag, slow responsed, and many more problems. 

Therefore, the SD Maid Pro would be the best option for you to clean your phone. There will be no unnecessary files. In another word, it would help to clean your phone and keep the performance high.

SD Maid Pro Features

There are plenty of features of the SD Maid pro version; I have included them below.

  • It can be used as a file manager to browse the files and folders of your device.
  • SD Maid Pro will help to remove unnecessary files and junk apps from your phone.
  • It works like a file manager, where it allows you to perform operations like searching, editing, deleting, copy-paste, and much more.
  • It can even detect duplicate files and folder to avoid storage wastage.
  • Scheduled tool or operation available.
  • it has all the premium features.
  • No need to use any key
  • There are no ads
  • Clean Interface.

Download SD Maid

Click on the download button next to the latest version. You will get redirect to download page. Install the apk in your phone to enjoy the features.

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SD Maid v5.0.1 (Latest Version)

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