Motion Ninja v1.0.9.5 (Latest Version)

Motion Ninja has a different version of the official Motion Ninja app that includes every feature of Motion Ninja and most of the premium features for free. I will discuss the app in detail in this article. It would help you a lot in making an animation for your videos and much more amazing features. Let’s know what it is.

What is Motion Ninja?

Motion Ninja is popular for its unique animation editing strategies. The app has the most basic but qualitative animation making capability. It becomes easier to make animation even if you know nothing about animation. The pre-generated template would help you to build your animation.

Motion Ninja has important features like keyframe, making powerful cartoon animation, make you real video into an animated one. You may hear of Adobe After Effect. The same function is also available in Motion Ninja that makes the work easy for you. Importantly, it has the most popular Chroma key that is popular for its background changing feature. 

There are more features which will be discussed in the feature section of this article.


The has a lot of features which can’t be covered here. You can install the app on your phone and experience them all. Here are some of them.

  • Keyframe Editor and Animation Editor: Most users want to design their animation within a short period and make it more qualitative. Therefore, Motion Ninja would help to create the same. 
  • It is also the best picture in the picture app.
  • No need to switch to a computer for adobe after effect. It has its after-effect program that is enough to deal with the issues.
  • Background modification is much easier with a chroma key and green screen or any same color of screen. Import green-screened video and export out the background removed the video.
  • It has video filters, adjustments, and Transitions similarly to every video editor has.

Premium features

Here are the premium features, which are only available if you purchase the membership.

  • All the Premium features and editing
  • No Ads

Download Motion Ninja

Click on the download button next to the latest version. You will get redirect to download page. Install the apk in your phone to enjoy the features.

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Motion Ninja v1.0.9.5 (Latest Version)

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