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Artificial Intelligence


You may understand something by the term “Artificial Intelligence.” It is intelligence made by humans, but it is artificial that works with machines. Complete technology is made up of humans. There is nothing effect by nature. In the same condition, it is known as Artificial Intelligence. Now we are slowly stepping towards the era of Artificial Intelligence.


There are four types of Artificial Intelligence those are listed Below

  1. Reactive Machine
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of Mind
  4. Self-Awareness


Reactive Machine

The most basic level of Artificial Intelligence is the Reactive machine. It can’t form memory, nor can it use its experience in decision making. It can’t participate in the real-world conversation and activity like a human as it does not access to form memory. Without memory means it can’t realize its previous experience. It can only do the job like a machine.


Limited Memory

The machine can look into the past as this type of Artificial Intelligence has memory access, but not the complete memory. You might have heard of Self-driving cars. The Artificial intelligence of this type is used there. It can look into past experiences.


Theory of Mind

Nowadays, we do not build any machine of this type. It is the bridge between present AI and advanced futuristic AI, which can challenge humans too. According to Science and Psychology, human creatures have their own emotions. But generally, machines do not have it. But in the near future, it might be possible, and the machine would have their emotion. This category is considered as the Theory of mind AI.



The extension of “Theory of Mind” AI would be the final step of AI Development. It would be capable of making a decision like completely human. Moreover, it can represent themselves.


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