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Delta YoWhatsapp also is known as Delta YoWA or simply WhatsApp mod version. It is an unofficial version of WhatsApp which contains a lot of features which users want to use in Whatsapp. We will be discussing its cool features and how it is more superior than official WhatsApp.

At first you will know some of the highlighted features of YOWhatsapp in this article. There are more than 100 of extra features available in YoWhatsApp as compared to official version. At last you will get download link to get the apk file on your system.

NameDELTA YOWhatsApp
Size33.1 MB
Last Updated22 August 2020

Features of DELTA YOWhatsApp

YOWhatsApp has a long list of features among which only few will be discussed in details. The remaining features will be just listed below. It would take more than 6000 words to explain every feature. At first, we will start the feature which makes the YOWhatsApp completely different from official version in the field of interface and theme.


It is one of the reasons for YoWhatsapp’s popularity. Yotheme has features which allow you to customize your WhatsApp interface according to your need. Developers keep uploading the cool and new theme to which excites its users. 

You may have ever noticed the theme of mobile changes the complete look of any phone. In the same way, YoTheme changes the look of Whatsapp into a newer and efficient user interface.

Emoji Variants

The mod WhatsApp will help you to leave the habit of using traditional emojis. Its time to use new types of emojis which would make your day better with your contacts. You may download more emojis from the internet to extend your emoji base. 

free sets of new and attractive emojis

Most of the android devices support the emojis used by this mod version of Whatsapp.

Long Videos

Original Whatsapp does not allow you to transfer any video which has size more than 100 MB. It is a prior limitation of WhatsApp for which users need to use any other platform to share videos which are more than 100 MB in size. 

Upload up to 700 mb video in yowhatsapp makes sharing easy

Delta YOWhatsApp has resolved the issue in a large extend. As it allows the users to transfer video upto the size of 700 MB. It means anyone can send 720p movie via Whatsapp. 

In-build App Lock

Whatsapp mod has its own in-build app locker. You may use it to lock your WhatsApp messenger conversations. It reduces the dependency on any other third-party app. 

inbuild lock on yowhatsapp

According to us, every messenger should have a conversation encryption system so that, the individual conversation can be locked easily.

Freeze Last Seen

Do you want to remain pseudo offline? This mod version would complete your wise. It allows you to keep freeze your online and last seen status. You’re last seen will be the time when you enabled the freezing feature. 

This is the best way to remain offline for others but you are always online. 

 Custom Privacy

Yo Whatsapp privacy includes a lot of cool features which would benefit you a lot. You can hide blue tick, second tick from other users. Suppose you have already seen any message, yo WhatsApp would help you to make it unseen for both the party.

The sender will not know about the seen status.

Dual WhatsApp

You might get surprised that, you can use Yo WhatsApp with the official app on your android phone. Moreover, it has an anti ban feature to keep you unbanned from WhatsApp official. The package names for yowhatsapp and official WhatsApp are different. Therefore, WhatsApp can’t ban it.

More features in YOWhatsapp

Here are most of the minor features which make an ocean of change in features.

  • The tap for group chat has been separated.
  • Get a live preview of changes in YOWhatsapp
  • Aeroplane Mode available only for Yo Whatsapp
  • Split status
  • No disturbance from archived chats
  • YoThemes Store Speed Improved
  • New and cool Emojis
  • cool and fast contact screen
  • Send Up To 100 Images at Once anywhere
  • Seven new cool Icons
  • YoThemes Store updated
  • YOWhatsapp has Call Blocker Feature
  • No call log for hidden chats
  • get vibration alert for messages from any hidden chat
  • YOWhatsapp supports Privately reply in groups
  • Anti-Delete Story/Status Feature enabled
  • confirmation before cleaning recent emojis
  • get contact picture for any outside Message Bubble
  • Turn On or Off your Last Seen, Count Unread Messages
  • New Ticks and bubbles
  • Easily color your Unread Messages
  • keep your photo Square-Cornered 
  • DELTA YOWhatsappPrivacy-Only Mode available
  • You can change Hyperlinks Colour according to your requirements
  • get new Allo Ticks and 3D Bubbles on your WhatsApp and surprise your friends
  • ads-free interface
  • Now no Hidden Chat Will Show in Home Unread Counter 
  • No Hidden Chats Will Show in “Forward To” section 

Know about all the additional features here.

YOWhatsapp Download link

Download and install DELTA YOWhatsapp mod apk file from the given link. 


DELTA YOWhatsapp v3.3.2 (Latest Version)

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