Avast Premium mod: Mobile Security & Antivirus 6.31.0

Avast premium mod is an unofficially modified application that has almost all the features you need to keep your android device secure. All the premium features which are available in the mod version will be discussed under the respective section. 

At first, we will let you know about the necessary details of the apk file. In the next section, you will get details of most of the features along with the premium features available in this antivirus for android.

Here are the basic details. 

NameAvast Premium
Size22 MB
DeveloperAvast Software
Last Updated28 August 2020

Features of Avast Premium 

Avast mobile security antivirus provides a powerful shield to android mobile phone against any types of potentially harmful threads. In this section, we will be discussing the features of Avast antivirus for android.

Powerful Antivirus Engine

The powerful antivirus engine continuously does scan your device automatically. It finds out various types of threads for your devices and neutralizes them. It has the ability to find out malware, virus, Trojans, adware and spyware, web, files and apps which are harmful to your device. 

Powerful Avast Antivirus engine

You may manually scan your device as per your requirements. As it is a paid antivirus software for mobile phone, it already has an advanced defending engine to encounter all types of problems.

Discover App insights

App insights in Avast antivirus is a productive feature. You may use it for different purposes. Like, habit building, observing yourself and tracking the activity. App insights track your activity on phone. It displays the time you have spent on a different app on your phone. 

avast antivirus mod apps insights

It would promote your self-control towards any app. Suppose, user x watches youtube for 2 hours a day. But he wants to decrease it to one and a half-hour. He is can track his activity on the app insights.

Further, you can take back control of your phone’s battery life. 

Advanced Junk Cleaner

Junk files, cache and unnecessary data keep the phone’s performance high but it takes a lot of memory. Sometimes, it causes several problems like real-time information problem and much more. Your digital footprints also important information for your digital security. 

Junk file cleaner

Therefore, Avast Premium has its own advanced junk clear unit to clear your junk files, installation and uninstallation data, corrupted logs, and gallery thumbnails and much more. Scheduled cleaning can be used to clean junk data regularly to keep up the performance your phone high.

Secure Photo Vault

Photo vault is like a secure room where you can store your very personal images, videos and much more media files. It requires to set up with a different password. You can unlock the vault using your fingerprint or password which you used to encrypt the vault.

more to explore in avast premium

This is an extra level of security to your personal photos. No one can unlock the vault even after they know the admin password. 

Smart Web shield

Nowadays, every smartphone are used to surf the internet. But when it comes to the internet, a device needs an extra level of security to maintains privacy. Avast antivirus has a smart web shield, which get automatically activated when you turn your internet on. 

Avast Premium works as a powerful firewall against harmful threads and links. It can automatically detect the phishing sites and saves the users from attack. Thus, it saves users and provides internet security.

Wi-Fi security

The Public Wi-Fi network is one of the primary targets for hackers. Because hackers can create fake Wi-fi networks to attack your device. Therefore, it is important to use powerful wi-fi security for secure internet. 

wifi security

Avast Premium wifi security has a powerful system to keep you secure from the public wifi attack. 

Extreme Power saver

Lack of power? Avast power saver can help you a lot in saving power. It stops the data synchronization, Bluetooth, and different unnecessary services to keep your battery power saving. 

Unnecessary background activities drain your mobile power. But avast power saver stops to drain the power. But You will get several limitations on the features of your phone. Suppose, you can use Bluetooth if your power saver is turned on. 

Avast Premium App Lock

Do you want to limit unauthorized access to your sensitive data? Avast Premium app lock can secure and limit the access easily. You just need to enable the app and add the apps you want to restrict from others. 

powerful app locker

It allows the users to unlock the app using a PIN, password, patterns or even using your fingerprint. Nowadays, every mobile phone has its in-build app locking system therefore, it is not so much important for the latest phones. 

No Ads

You might have seen the free version of avast antivirus. It comes with different advertisements. But Premium version comes with a lot of premium features with no ads. Avast provides a free trial before you purchase the product. 

Similarly, here you will get lifetime trial for free. Now, it is easier to get security for android phone. It will work as total security on your phone. 

Download Avast Premium

We haven’t discussed a lot of features in this article. We will find them in the app. Now, you can download avast premium mod apk from our site. The link to download the apk file is given below.


Avast Premium v6.31.0 (Latest Version)

AT last, If you have any issues regarding the installation of Avast Premium, you might put your problem in the comment section. We will try to fix it out soon.

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