ADM v10.4.2 for Android (Latest version)

ADM Pro is a simple and powerful android app which is used can be used as an android downloader. The Android download Manager pro contains a lot of powerful features that make it unique from other downloaders. We will be discussing the features in this article.

Features of ADM

Android Download Manager Pro version has several features that are compared to the official free version. We have split the features into different sub-heading. Read the features for complete information about the app.

Powerful Downloader

ADM is considered among one of the powerful and fast downloading apps. It comes in the lists of powerful downloaders because it has several premium features which other downloaders lack behind. 

It allows to download up to three files simultaneously. The multithreading download helps it to boost up the speed to complete the download. A popular PC downloader app namely, IDM also has downloading by using multithreading feature to speed up the download. But ADM uses multithreading of 9 parts only.

Android Download Manager pro download preview

You might have experienced the download failure for network issue or any other issue. On the same instance, the data used for download go waste. Therefore, ADM has feature to resume the download even after failure. It avoids interception of links.

You might no need to paste the link manually to ADM. It has an in-build browser to do so. Moreover, it is capable of copying the download link from your browser and clipboard. It has internal loader for images, documents, archives and programs. 

The android Download manager can work in any network type i.e. 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It also supports downloading only through the internet on WI-FI. Press on a link for download, the app will automatically start its job.

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings have interface customization and theme changing ability. It has several themes and UI customization. The theme makes the app to look simple and cool. It is allowed to select the destination folder for every downloaded file. 

Furthermore, it also allows for saving different file format in a distinct folder. It saves a lot of time. Advanced Download Manager Pro can automatically start download even after breaking of connections.

You may import a lot of links into the ADM direct from your SD Card storage. It helps users in copying and pasting the links individually.

ADM Settings

You may schedule the download time. Turbo mode can be used to accelerate download speed in a large extend. It supports automatic action using select Android Download Manager Pro. 

Download speed is also dependent on your battery charge level. If you turn on the battery optimization for ADM Pro, the downloader feature gets limited. But on high battery level, it can provide its higher performance in downloading the file from any server.

Simple Actions in ADM

You may start or stop the download process anytime. By clicking on the start and pause button. Long press on the completed download to display the context menu. Press on the completed download to open the file. 

The context menu will contain several options to do with the downloaded file. 

If you have any issue during installation or usage of the app. Kindly inform us via comment section.

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